Deodorant Sample Pack

$5.00 USD

Sample the scents of our natural deodorant without committing to a full size bottle. Try all three scents and experience how effective our magnesium-based natural deodorant is for you.

Courage & Grace's Daily Fresh deodorant takes a new approach. Its main ingredient is magnesium, which is sourced directly from the original, ancient Zechstein seabed in Holland. It is the purest, must highly-concentrated magnesium available, making it a powerful contributor to your health. It is paired with a unique blend of essential oils to give a pleasant scent.

Includes three sample packs of deodorant pads -- one each of Lavender Garden, Woodlands, and Tuscan Herb. Each pack contains 5 pads, giving you almost a week's supply to test each scent.

To use, just take one pad, wipe it under your arm, then turn it over and use for the other side.