Deodorant Sample Pack

$5.00 USD

Want to try our natural deodorant? Curious what all three scents smell like? Not sure Daily Fresh will actually work for you (natural deodorants have never really worked for you in the past, so why should this one work)?

CG Naturals' Daily Fresh deodorant takes a new approach. It's main ingredient is magnesium, which we source directly from the original, ancient Zechstein seabed in Holland. It is the purest, must highly-concentrated magnesium available. We then paired it with a unique blend of essential oils, extensively tested so you know they work.

You will get three sample packs of deodorant pads -- one each of Lavender Garden, Woodlands, and Tuscan Herb. Each pack contains 5 pads, the total is enough for over two weeks to really give this a try.

To use, just take one pad, wipe it under your arm, then turn it over and use for the other side.

BONUS: These also work on your feet! So after using under your arms, wipe your feet before disposing the pad.